Famous Singers Who Left Groups to Pursue Their Own Solo Careers

The 1970s was a decade that saw huge numbers of bands emerging into a great variety of new genres in music. As new bands appeared they contained certain musicians who were looking for a way to start their careers in the music business.

Some bands contain members who were wholly committed to the band’s philosophy while the majority are just filled with artists who were able to play certain instruments and were joining music bands in order to earn a wage.

This is one of the reasons why so many music bands either change their group members regularly or split up completely. The attraction of finding the perfect music to play is far greater once the musician is employable. Prior to this time, musicians will play any music in order to earn a salary.

Paul Weller started his career in “The Jam”

One of the most successful punk rock bands were “The Jam” who first started making records in 1977, and in a relatively short space of time produced many records that are still played today. The band split in 1982 as a result of Paul Weller wanting to pursue a different direction in his musical tastes. He first performed with “The Style Council” before venturing into a successful solo career.

The break-up of the Jam was similar to the one experienced by “The Police”. The band emerged as a punk group yet were happy to explore any genre of music in order to sell their records. They won six Grammy awards and had 5 No 1 UK hit singles. They have sold over 75 million records but split up in 1987 as their lead singer Sting wished to pursue a solo career. Prior to the formation of the group, Sting was already an accomplished musician working part time playing jazz in clubs and bars in Newcastle. He was a full-time teacher for two years, so he really wasn’t the typical lead singer of a Punk Band yet managed to use the punk genre to make “The Police” a huge success.

Phil Collins playing the drums and singing

Phil Collins playing the drums and singing
Phil Collins playing the drums and singing

There were also other examples of musicians who, despite leaving their bands, continued producing the same types of music that their groups had been exploring. Phil Collins was the drummer in “Genesis” and after the departure of front-man Mike Rutherford, he became the group’s lead singer. The group continued being successful with the new line up and Collins was able to use this new role as a way to launch his own solo career. As a solo artist Collins has sold over 150 million records as well as winning eight Grammy awards. He is one of the world’s best-selling musical artists, yet there are many music experts who believe that he was a far better drummer than he is a singer.

Gladys Knight shot to fame along-side her group “The Pips”. During the 1960s and the 1970s they sold many records but eventually the group disbanded, and she never achieved the same success as solo artist as she did with her group. However, she did have time to pursue her other interests which included her acting career and also her love of gambling. For over a decade she loved to play Blackjack at various casinos as she was fortunate in owning a home in Las Vegas. So, for today’s stars, it is far easier for them to play their favorite games and if not some live near a casino, they can play online at either pokestarscasino.com or other.

Rod Stewart in “the New Faces”

the New Faces
the New Faces

Another solo artist who has a home on the western side of the United States is Rod Stewart. The British vocalist started his career with the “Jeff Beck group” and “The New Faces” before successfully venturing into a solo career. He has sold over 100 million records around the world and at one time produced six consecutive no. 1 albums in UK chart. Sometimes the transition from being a member of a group into a solo performer can be as a result of family break ups. This was certainly the case with Fleetwood Mac and the losses of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham together

When the pair joined the group in 1975, they did so as boyfriend and girlfriend. The group had already been playing since 1967 yet had not had the success that they were to experience over the 12 years following the arrival of the American pair. “Fleetwood Mac” have sold over a100 million records around the world. In 1987 Lindsey Buckingham split from both Stevie Nicks and the band to pursue his own career. This was followed in 1991 by Stevie Nicks also leaving the group to pursue her own career. The time apart saw the pair make up their differences and they both rejoined the group in 1997. The pair have both enjoyed success as solo artists, but they have never reunited as a couple. The success of a number of bands during the 1970s has launched a large number of solo careers.