Disco Is Not Dead

It has been enough times that you may have begun to believe it, but contrary to the popular belief disco is not dead. Although the clubs may not be full of flared suit wearing gentlemen and spandex wearing gals with cumbersome afros, the sound of disco is still one that is adored by many. Although the classics are often replayed each weekend by clubs eager to stroke your nostalgia, new artists are out their creating a contemporary disco sound. One place you will find more disco today than seemingly anywhere else on the globe is France. The nation’s taste for funky rhythms is unprecedented and they have their own collective of artists delivering modern disco to listeners. Here are a handful of today’s disco creators, keeping the genre alive for a little longer.

Daft Punk

One of the most noticeable purveyors of the French discotheque are the pair of popular robots known as Daft Punk. With their most popular tracks being sampled by the hip hop community, making soundtracks for the neon-lit Disney sequel Tron Legacy and collaborating with huge pop icons like Pharrell Williams, these two Frenchman are frequent in the spotlight. As well as being recognised for their synthetic appearance they are known for their catchy numbers that sit very close to funk and disco. With a track on their album named after and featuring the ‘father of disco’ Giorgio Moroder, it’s never been clearer what the band’s influences are.

Daft Punk


With a clear love of the past, the aesthetic parcels frequent may not immedietly scream disco, but it is far from the hyper glossy modern look. Their music carries a somewhat similar vibe, with disco guitars adding a delightful treble and a very danceable beat as the foundations of many of their tracks its clear that these guys want to bring a funky sound into the future. In the same way a disco track makes you want to move, many of Parcels’ tracks make dancing mandatory like the infectious melodies of ‘Lightenup’ and rapid tremolo of ‘Overnight’.


If you are a fan of disco, the opening of ‘Dance Till The Dawn’ will immedietly set you alight as everything about the track is pure disco. Pablo J and crew have used some modern music techniques which includes some sampling to achieve what is unquestionably a post millennium version of classic disco. With several artists keen to remix this authentic sound you can expect to hear more from this group and their mission for dancefloor revival.

Mix And Fairbanks

From the sharp synth drums alone its pretty clear Mix and Fairbanks are all about the disco sound. What they do is put their own spin on things, this includes slow and steady house-like builds to create long and rousing tracks. By mixing the staples of contemporary dance with the iconic sounds of the ‘70s what results is something that sounds fresh and yet frightfully familiar. With new and old being blended in such a seamless manner you can be forgiven for thinking some of their tracks were actually from the era.