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“Hippie Period”
Glam Rock

The “hippie period” was at its most popular from 1967 as the summer of love began with numerous rock festivals being arranged around the San Francisco area. The hippies were anti-war and USA‘s activities in Vietnam and Korea, added to the race tensions in the States, added momentum to the movement.


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A Decade Full of Contrasts


The 1970s were a decade full of musical contrasts and started with a shock. In April, Paul McCartney announced what everyone had suspected anyway. The Beatles are going to choose the separate ways in future. To everyone’s great surprise it was Ringo Starr who landed a number 1 hit first. George Harrison was the first […]

Disco Is Not Dead


It has been enough times that you may have begun to believe it, but contrary to the popular belief disco is not dead. Although the clubs may not be full of flared suit wearing gentlemen and spandex wearing gals with cumbersome afros, the sound of disco is still one that is adored by many. Although […]

70s Rockers Still Going Strong


Some of the most famous bands from the last century made their name during the era of the 70s. Thanks to the popularity of television, transportation, consumerism and the high regard assigned to sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, this point in time was a perfect time to be a touring rock musician. As time […]

Why 70s Rock Was Unique


Quickly Dissecting the Genre 70’s Rock takes those who were around to indulge in it back to a very special time. Though it’s an indicator of getting old to constantly compare the modern ‘bad’ music with the classic ‘good’ music, its easy to see that the sounds of popular music have clearly altered dramatically. Though […]

Why 70s Rock Was Unique


Quickly Dissecting the Genre 70’s Rock takes those who were around to indulge in it back to a very special time. Though it’s an indicator of getting old to constantly compare the modern ‘bad’ music with the classic ‘good’ music, its easy to see that the sounds of popular music have clearly altered dramatically. Though […]

Masters Of 70s Funk

Isley Brothers

The 70s music scene spawned many things that continue on today, one of which is the sound of funk. The elements of this music movement including ever moving basslines, quick horn hits and head nodding rhythms moved into popular music more and more as it hit crowds in 1970s. Amongst those trying to incorporate the […]

The Electronic 70s

Oxygene 1976

Electronic music may seem like a very recent phenomenon but in fact bands have been dabbling with the fun bleeps and distorted tones that electronics can bring to instruments for decades. Thanks to the rise of leftfield sounds in the 70s due to a change in the cultural mindset (and no doubt thanks to an […]

Musicians Who Followed Acting Careers


There were a number of performers who started their careers in the music industry and gradually made their way on to the screen. Some of the stars stuck with their move while others would combine the both and perform in either profession, depending what professional opportunities were available to them. One of the UKs biggest […]

The Surprise Number 1 Records of the 1970s

who loves ya baby

The 1970s was a decade when popular music genres changed regularly. The decade saw so many different styles of music that the youth of the country were becoming increasingly self-aware of what music they were listening to and what they were buying. This was reflected by what people were wearing. At the start of the […]

The Classic hit singles of the 1970s

Minnie Riperton

The 1970s were a period during which classic singles were released. It was an era of great experimentation in the music scene, with several different genres of music proving popular during the same time. Many groups were experimenting with their musical style and they pushed the boundaries as they searched for records that would define […]

The Female Rock Stars of the 1970s

Lyndsey Buckingham

As music entered the 1970s, all different types of rock acts were emerging, but the vast majority appeared to be fronted by male lead singers. It wasn’t long, however, before female lead singers were guiding their bands, and by the end of the decade there were even bands that were composed entirely of female performers. […]

Country and Western Music in the 1970s


Country music has been played and listened to around the world since it first appeared in the 1930s. In the 1970s a number of new and established artists produced a number of records that would result in the music becoming as popular it had ever been. With so many new music genres being created in […]

The Ska, 2 Tone and Reggae Bands of the 1970s


The 1970s saw a revival of ska and reggae, with 2 tone music being created as ska was mixed with the faster beat of punk music. Of the three genres reggae music has the slowest beat and is the most recognizable sound. Reggae music originated in the late 1960s in Jamaica and during the 1970s […]

The New Romantic Bands of the 1970’s


The new romantic bands appeared at the end of the 1970s and would only be in evidence from 1979 until 1981. It was definitely a reaction to the punk scene especially in the fashion that was associated with the music. The artists would dress flamboyantly. They would be as glamorous as glam rockers, yet the […]

The Hard Rock of the 1970s


Hard Rock was started in the 1960s, but it was in the 1970s that the music developed into a major influence on the music scene with the formation of major groups. At the end of the 1960s these groups were creating their sounds in the music festivals, but the 1970s saw them maturing into legendary […]

Country Rock in the 1970s

Pitchfork Grateful Dead Final 3

Country rock produced many artists in the 1970s having first appeared on the music scene in the late 1960. It is a mixture of country and rock music and most bands hailed from the United States, which was really the home for country music. Bob Dylan was one of the most prominent first country rock […]

Almost Punk and Post Punk Music


By the end of the 1970s Punk Rock was already starting to disappear. It had given the music scene a much-needed shot in the arm and in reality, its job had been done. Certain individuals in the bands were outgrowing their groups and they wanted to break free in order to attain their musical aspirations. […]

The Late 1970s and the Arrival of Punk Rock


The late 1970’s saw the rise of Punk Rock with the vast majority of the bands emerging from the British Isles. The effect that this genre of music had on the rock scene was immense and although Punk never really lasted beyond the early 80’s the effects of this music can still be felt in […]